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Multifunction Bond Tester WZ-1200

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Multifunction Bond Tester WZ-1200


1. Intelligent and digital technology

Our unique intelligent and digital technology optimized test module’s adaptability greatly to the largest extent and ensured the reliabilities and consistencies of the data obtained from different hosts by the test module.
2. Auto-Range technology

All sensors use automatic-range system with consistent resolutions throughout the range. So customers do not have to perform complex and time-consuming shift settings by means of a software before the test.
3. Vertical positioning technology

Sensors use vertical displacement and positioning technology to ensure accurate and reliable test status and precise and fast positioning. 
4. Excellent machine operability

Rocker controller with all-round protective measures can be placed at any angle for the most comfortable operation.
5. High-performance sensors

Independently developed and manufactured high-frequency and high-precision dynamic sensors.

6. Solid machine body


The load this machine body can bear for test is up to 500kg.

Rocker controller with excellent operability and all-round protective measures can be placed at any angle for the most comfortable operation.

WZ-1200 owns a multi-dimensional microscopic fine-tuning system for you to realize accurate, convenient and precise adjustment along six directions.

WZ-1200 needs only one general-purpose USB cable to connect the machine and PC to control its operation. It doesn’t rely on any specific PC and any one computer with USB interface or even a laptop computer can control the machine.

Technical Parameter

620mm (Including rocker controller)
Power supply
220VAC@4.0A 50-60Hz
Compressed air source
Vacuum source
550mm Hg
Other connectors
OD 6mm / ID 4mm
Lenovo / Dell/ or compatible PC
Operating system
Windows XP-SP3
Microscope’s magnification
Standard 60X
Microscope brand
Leica / Nicon / Olympus
X-axis travel
X-axis resolution
Less than 0.125um
Y-axis travel
Y-axis resolution
Less than 0.125um
Z-axis travel
Y-axis resolution
Less than 0.125um
Z-axis height positioning accuracy
Less than +/- 1um
Y-axis maximum test force
200KG for MFM1000
Z-axis maximum test force
Maximum load to bear

Installation requirement

WZ-1200 multi-function push/pull tester’s installation conditions

1. Stable and solid workbench which can bear at least 60 kg;
2. Height-adjustable chair which can ensure comfortable operation of the machine;
3. A relatively quiet location which is not affected by air current or vibration;
4. Stable 220V @ 16A AC power; one extension socket with at least three three-hole sockets; every socket should be well grounded.
5.6-bar dry and clean compressed air; inlet pipe’s inner diameter is 6mm. It would be the best if an adapter or a compressed air pipe with an inter diameter of 6 mm is available.


Bonder tester System

Professionally developed, powerfully functioned, easily operated!

Enclosed with SPC and other statistical functions;
Various data output formats and output modes;
Perfectly matched your SPC network system.

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