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Micro-flow potting machine WZ-TCD10

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Micro-flow fixed-volume dual-liquid precision potting machine WZ-TCD10
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Micro-flow fixed-volume dual-liquid precision potting machine WZ-TCD10

WZ-TCD10 micro-flow fixed-volume dual-liquid precision potting machine is simply structured and can be used to meter, mix and pour dual-liquid resins easily which does not need any tank but need only glue barrels to supply glues.

1.      Bilingual (Chinese and English) touch-screen control panel for easy operation and learning
2.      Able to pour glues in fixed volume, high precision and micro flow
3.      High-precision screw-type metering pump which can supply glues in a continuous way.
4.      Both glue barrels and metering pumps are built in the compact desk-top main machine body which can be installed in a very narrow space.
5.      Proportion adjustment can be realized digitally so that operator can obtain proportion needed easily.
6.      Pouring speed, time and volume can be pre-set. Pouring volume is stable and no leakage will happen.
7.      Up to 20 groups of glue pouring data can be saved. Data has not to be re-adjusted or edited for the same product’s glue pouring
8.      Automatic cleaning system is available where both cleaning agent and pressurized air are used to wash the mixer and transportation system.
9.      Pressure sensors are available for pipes to ensure safe and efficient operation.
10.    Solidification control system is available to prevent glues from curing within the pipes
11.    Various options are also available for different glue-pouring processes and requirements

Mixing proportion
Pouring volume
0.05~0.25 cc/s
Liquid viscosity
1~1000000 mPa.s (Heating may be needed for high-viscosity liquid)
Pouring accuracy
Proportioning accuracy
Metering system
Precision screw-type pump
Driving system
Precision servo-motor
Controller system
PLC + Touch-screen control panel
Mixing system
Dynamic/static mixing (optional)
Glue tank
2~5L stainless steel tank
Operation mode
Fixed-volume / automatic / continuous pouring
Operating system
Button / Foot-switch
Air source
>0.4 Mpa
Power source
AC220V±10% ,
50 Kg
Dimensions (W*H*D)
550*700*850 mm
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