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Loose Packed Capacitors Cutting Machine YX-CO320

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Loose Packed Capacitors Cutting Machine YX-CO320
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Loose Packed Capacitors Cutting Machine YX-CO320


Type Specify


Power Source

AC220V 50HZ

Cutting Speed 



L420*W450*H410 m/m




1. After being arranged by linear feeder, parts will be sent to designated position.
2. Tri-section linear manipulator positions, grabs and feeds the parts (the first station is to position the parts, the second is to grab parts, the third is to form the parts, and the fourth is to eject the part) without stopping.
3. Special-purpose lead cutting tool with long service life. Lead length can be adjusted from 2.5mm~15mm
4. Applicable to bend DIP capacitors or LEDs by 90 degrees, kink leads, put leads apart or form parts into SMT ones.
5. Equipped with photoelectric controller, enabling both feeder and manipulator to grab, form and cut in a completely coordinated way.
6. This machine cannot judge and identify polarity. If the polarity of a part has to be identified for forming and cutting, you have to do such polarity identification manually before placing parts on to the linear feeder. Hourly capacity is about 2,000 ~ 3,000 pieces (it depends on manual feeding speed).
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